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I had never seen my best friend particularly emotional. I’ve never seen her animated or excited or effusive. I’ve only seen her look sad or flat.
OMG!!! After she did EMDR therapy we went for a walk and I almost cried. She actually had a skip in her step, she was animated and enthusiastic! She’s been having fun, making jokes and looking happy!
My heart use to break when I looked at her face. I told her now my heart leaps when I look at her face! She looked happy and slightly confused and she she doesn’t even recognize herself. She weaned herself off the meds. This is a completely different person.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for setting my dear friend free!
You are a treasure. I am forever grateful,


I can't recommend Dr. Baron highly enough. She is warm, smart, and continuously educating herself on the latest therapeutic modalities. She is especially skilled with Eye Movement Desensitization Processing and Internal Family Systems.


Before I started seeing you, peoples' comments to me were mostly sarcastic, Hi smiley, hey happy, try smiling, what's wrong with you? The 20 years psychiatry stole from me were like that. Mostly, what's wrong with you. Or just confused or strange looks. 


I don't know how long ago I got EMDR therapy, but since then people say to me things like, you are an angel, thank you for bringing sunshine into my life, I love your energy, you are amazing, I'd love to know you, thank you, thank you, thank you. All the time. Sometimes I look around to see who they are talking to because all these years later it still astounds me. Especially if my daughter says the change is phenomenal.


So thanks again for giving me back who I really am. I am still amazed every day.



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